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MNLFI Workshops

Envision your library in 2025 with an MNLFI facilitated workshop


The Minnesota Library Futurists would like to help your library or organization facilitate a conversation about the future of library services.

A facilitated workshop is:

  • an in-person session led by a small group of MNLFI members at your location
  • an opportunity to engage your staff, organization or community in planning for the future of library services
  • a way for your library to contribute to a statewide conversation about the future of Minnesota libraries
  • specialized and focused to meet the needs of your library or organization
  • a practical exercise with concrete outcomes.

What is involved in a facilitated workshop?


  • can range from 2 to 4 hours
  • involve your library staff, members of your organization or even your community
  • work best when focused on a particular question defined by your library or organization with the help of MNLFI and could be based on one or more of the MNLFI 2025 scenarios
  • include MNLFI facilitator-led small group conversations, brainstorming sessions, and group consensus-building
  • culminate with the creation of a list of ideas that answer the established question.


What do the MNLFI futurists bring to this conversation?

MNLFI members:

  • are trained in effective group facilitation methods using Technology of Participation (ToP) facilitation techniques
  • have experience conducting research and formal conversations about the future of libraries
  • provide a neutral facilitator for the session allowing all members of your staff to participate in the discussion.

What are the outcomes from a facilitated workshop?

  • A list of  ideas generated by staff or other workshop attendees your organization can use as a springboard to meet the needs of the future.
  • Consensus among staff about the importance of looking to the future and enthusiasm for the road ahead.
  • See an example of collected outcomes on our Shared Visions page.


What are the costs for hosting a facilitated event?

  • The MNLFI members facilitating the workshop will request reimbursement for travel expenses and can work with organizations regarding those details.
  • No additional costs.

What is the process for scheduling a facilitated event?

  1. Determine several dates of availability.
  2. Consider who from within your organization will attend the workshop and your intended outcomes.
  3. Fill out our request form.
  4. An MNLFI group member will contact you to discuss details.
  5. After your event has been scheduled, you will work with MNLFI to plan your event.

Request more information about planning a facilitated workshop