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Discussion Questions

After selecting a scenario to discuss with your colleagues, use these discussion questions to get that conversation started. These questions follow the ORID strategic questioning method, which proposes Objective, Reflective, Interpretive, and Decisional questions to move groups through a conversation. Learn more about ORID.

  • O: What words or phrases stuck out to you?
  • R: What was most exciting?
  • R: Where were you anxious?
  • I: What is your library already doing in line with this trend?
  • I:  How else might this scenario play out?
  • I: What has to change?
  • I: What are the challenges?  
  • I: What are some of the important decisions you will have to make?
  • I:  How will this impact your users?
  • D: What does this mean for the libraries of 2025?
  • D: What are the possible, probable, and preferable futures for libraries in 2025 in light of this scenario?
  • D: What are the first steps we need to take?