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MNLFI Toolkit

Envision your library in 2025 with your own team using the MNLFI Toolkit

The MNLFI Toolkit helps library staff consider the possibilities of 2025 related to library users, library services, the information environment and more.  The toolkit is intended to help organizations that cannot host an MNLFI facilitated workshop to support local conversations or by individuals interested in thinking about the future of libraries.

The MNLFI Toolkit includes:

How to use the MNLFI Toolkit to support a conversation at your library:

  • include as many staff as possible from all levels of your organization
  • review the components of the Toolkit and determine which pieces suit your needs
  • define your intended outcomes for the conversation

Depending on your needs and intended outcomes you might:

What are the outcomes from the MNLFI Toolkit?

  • outcomes are entirely defined by you and your library’s needs, but the Toolkit provides packaged content to support your conversations about library service in 2025
  • members of the MNLFI are also available to facilitate those conversations at your library
  • see example outcomes from facilitated workshop sessions on our Shared Visions page.