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Shared Visions

Shared Visions of 2025

Envision the library of 2025. That’s what the MNLFI group was tasked with upon inception. What we found is that your vision for 2025 depends on your vantage point. So instead of reporting on broad trends likely to affect library services in the future, we want to set the stage for local conversations about what those trends mean for you and your library.

Below you’ll find outcomes from workshops we’ve facilitated as well as a chance to share ideas you have about Minnesota libraries in 2025. Share your vision!


MNLFI Workshops

Using our facilitated Workshops, a number of library groups have reached consensus on how to face various challenges of 2025:

What can we do to ensure that the future library is a center of content creation and technology exploration? (May 2, 2012: MNLFI Steering Committee & MNLFI members)

What might the library user of 2025 experience when they “visit” the library? (May 10, 2012:  Anoka County Library Staff Day)

How do we build a broader DCL environment that ensures that the people we hire and supervise are prepared for these changes? (November 28, 2012: Dakota County Library Manager/Supervisors)

How can we prepare for Library Technology Needs in 2025? (March 20, 2013: Library Technology Conference)



Share Your Vision

How do you envision the library in 2025? Share your thoughts below so we can all benefit from the insights of our community.


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