Scenarios 2025

8. Patrons come to the library to create content and try out the latest technology

In 2025, patrons come to the library to create content and try out the latest technology. Libraries are designed to accommodate new and ever-changing technologies and a large portion of each library’s annual budget is devoted to investing in new technologies and in platforms to publicly share local creations. Library staff are early adopters of new technology and are looked at as experts in this area for advice and hands-on assistance. Although some of the tools library staff invest time and money on will be short-lived fads, patrons appreciate the library’s willingness to try new things – and allow patrons to try them, too. Engagement with technology is no longer an optional part of a librarian’s job; it is a requirement.


Main Points:

  1. Libraries have new requirements for space, equipment, staff and skills
  2. Library staff provide high-touch assistance
  3. Libraries curate local content and ideas, becoming a platform for communities to share their contributions with the wider world
  4. Libraries have the latest technology
  5. Libraries accept that they may invest in short-lived technologies and services



Impact on libraries: 5

Probability: 3

Speed unfolding: Immediate

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