Scenarios 2025

7. Libraries balance the needs of graying populations with the needs of “born digital” generations

In 2025, libraries continue to serve varied audiences. The “born digital” population expects the latest and greatest technology and community spaces to chat and work with others. Other users expect libraries to maintain traditional quiet spaces for reading and study. Libraries help older individuals “age gracefully,” by honoring tradition and helping the individuals acquire new skill sets. These varied user needs require libraries to provide a variety of activity spaces, services, and programs and to communicate to users through multiple channels of communication. Libraries work to meet the needs of those wielding political power now, while building support from those who will wield it in the future.


Main Points:

  1. Libraries provide variety of activity spaces, services and programs
  2. Libraries have multiple communication channels
  3. Older/all users may still expect traditional service models and wield considerable political power
  4. Libraries help people age gracefully; honoring traditional skill sets, assisting to learn new
  5. Tension exists between needs of various generations



Impact on libraries: 3

Probability: 5

Speed unfolding: Immediate

One Response to 7. Libraries balance the needs of graying populations with the needs of “born digital” generations

  1. Suray says:

    And is there a reason why you can’t go to the lriabry yourself? Or phone them and ask if they have it? Some libraries even allow you to search their catalogues online! If they have a copy and someone else has borrowed it, you can reserve it, so that they’ll let you know when it comes back.References :

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