Scenarios 2025

6. Nearly all people need digital media skills

In 2025, digital media skills are a requirement in even the most basic of jobs. While some people gain access to and training on digital media from their schools, employers, or for-profit organizations, libraries step up to fill in the gaps and create bridges between the various silos. Libraries become a key place to learn and practice digital media for people of all backgrounds. To enable this role, libraries partner with traditional educational and private sector organizations to acquire materials to support this curriculum, gain the skills necessary to teach digital media, and then share this knowledge with a wide audience.


Main Points:

  1. Libraries are a key place to learn and practice these skills
  2. Library staff need to have access to the tools/technology and know these skills and how to teach them
  3. More partnerships with traditional educational institutions/private sector to teach these skills (or provide material to teach them)



Impact on libraries: 3

Probability: 5

Speed unfolding: Immediate

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