Scenarios 2025

20. Libraries design library software, publish and manage content, and share these creations with wider community

Libraries take control of content, and the interfaces to access that content, by developing their own software, databases, and websites. Libraries also encourage and promote the creation of content within their communities. Some of the development and management costs are offset by licensing access to other libraries, but with no profit motive and under library-friendly contracts and fees.


Main Points:

  1. Libraries pull in staff with technical expertise (graphic design, documenting, business, computer programming, etc.)
  2. Roles: infrastructure creation, content publishing, consumer (beta testers, regular consumers)
  3. Authors/scholars come to libraries for variety of services: from content creation through promoting and archiving
  4. Libraries need R&D funds/partnerships to do this, and may have saleable product in the end, but without profit motive
  5. Libraries are less tied to third-party products
  6. Improved responsiveness to requests for improvements



Impact on libraries: 5

Probability: 2

Speed unfolding: Slowly

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