Scenarios 2025

18. School libraries are a mandated part of the curriculum and are key sources of information literacy education

Every school has a well-supported and well-funded library and librarian. Having library support through all levels of education benefits the workforce, as an educated, culturally literate society improves the economic strength of communities. Policy makers and other funding sources understand the data connecting well-funded school libraries and successful student outcomes. This understanding and financial investment translates into support for all types of libraries.


Main Points:

  1. Every school has a well-supported/funded library and librarian
  2. K-18+ seamless education standards benefits workforce
  3. Students entering college have a strong foundation of media literacy
  4. Policy makers understand the connection between well funded school libraries and successful student outcomes
  5. Data on link between school library use and successful student outcomes are well understood
  6. This support translates into support for all types of libraries



Impact on libraries: 5

Probability: 2

Speed unfolding: Slowly

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