Scenarios 2025

14. Libraries are a place where users can learn from other people in face-to-face interactions

Libraries of 2025 facilitate nimble, context-sensitive learning by being the place a person turns in their community for face-to-face individualized learning, entertainment, and personal enrichment. The public library offers space where individuals can meet up (either planfully or serendipitously) to practice a new language, share local history expertise, play chess, or any number of other options, based on knowledge held by other available community members. The library also offers promotional and organizational infrastructure to support this individualized learning. The academic library serves as the scholarly conversation hub on campus – supporting access to other students, tutors, grad students, staff, and professors in informal learning environments.


Main Points:

  1. Libraries facilitate patron-to-patron interactions (chess, study, like interests)
  2. Libraries are seen as a place to learn
  3. Libraries are places to consult expertise directly



Impact on libraries: 3

Probability: 4

Speed unfolding: Moderate

One Response to 14. Libraries are a place where users can learn from other people in face-to-face interactions

  1. John says:

    Doh! I had forgotten about yours I wasn’t triyng to exclude anybody, especially since I was fairly sure that this wasn’t exactly an original idea. I was just feeling impressed with myself for figuring out a way to do it without any actual coding skills (thanks, World Wide Web!). Anyway, thanks for reminding me about other efforts of this sort. They are fascinating the hits, the misses, the different kinds of searches done by different libraries and communities.

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