Scenarios 2025

12. Libraries of all types have clear and consistent marketing messages

In 2025, marketing (broadly defined) in libraries has evolved to be a cornerstone of administration with adequate support and expertise. Our brand is strong and as a result libraries have reached levels of constant support within communities and institutions. Instead of many librarians devoting time to inefficient marketing, libraries now support cooperative marketing messages and campaigns which benefit all. More time can be spent on innovative ideas which support the mission of the library and in turn supports the community or institution of which they are a part.


Main Points:

  1. Library community members have an understanding of the value of their library and know what their library has to offer.
  2. Stable budgets exist
  3. Enthusiastic support from community members
  4. Time can be spent on further innovation and risk-taking
  5. Libraries know how to market; have expertise and materials
  6. Libraries are fully integrated into communities/institutions



Impact on libraries: 5

Probability: 2

Speed unfolding: Moderate

One Response to 12. Libraries of all types have clear and consistent marketing messages

  1. Muhd says:

    True Matthew..two weeks ago when I was arranging books in a shelf in front of the ref desk, I got more quseoitns than when I sat behind a desk 1 metre away but we are only talking 3 years. I’d love to have floorwalkers wearing fluoro bibs so they could chat to people to help them out where they needed it. I’m not sure my colleagues would go for that. My library installed a new desk two weeks ago, so I think it will be more than three years before we can get rid of it ..dreaming on .I’m also not sure my doodle emphasises us as supplier of online resources, or of authentication like it should and ooops I forgot to include an OPAC maybe we could just somehow make the catalogue search part of our regular pages so that people don’t feel like they go to a different place .

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