Scenarios 2025

11. Libraries are more interconnected than ever before with new partnerships between libraries and with non-library organizations.

In 2025, many institutions, especially those that receive public funding, have joined forces and formed new partnerships. To take full advantage of physical spaces, libraries are now usually just one of many tenants and owners of a space. Physical collections are much smaller with print on demand and easy online access to the majority of content, there is more room for other institutions from government offices to recreational services to art facilities. Also specific highly valued services now consistently occur in non-library buildings (e.g. advanced business support, content creation, story time, etc.). These services are more successful than ever before and are in users’ daily flow.


Main Points:

  1. Many joint-use facilities with multiple services exist
  2. Niche library services are embedded in other locations
  3. Shared space/services maximizes use of limited public funds



Impact on libraries: 3

Probability: 4

Speed unfolding: Moderate

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