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Last call for MNLFI Workshops!

Book your workshop with the Minnesota Library Futures Initiative (MNLFI) today! If your organization is interested in an MNLFI workshop, please fill out the workshop request form on our website by June 1. Requests must be received by June 1 to be considered, though the workshops themselves may be held throughout the summer of 2013.

Over the past year, members of MNLFI have visited libraries of all types throughout the state of Minnesota facilitating workshops exploring the future of libraries. Workshops can be very broad in scope or can be customized to help your organization with a specific need. Visit our Workshops page for more information.

Feedback from workshops has been positive, pointing to the increased engagement and enthusiasm for the future of libraries among participants.

Examples of previous workshops:

  • Managers from Dakota County Library considered how future directions will change hiring and training practices.
  • MLIS students at St. Catherine University developed ideas about the future of the “participatory library” as part of a Library 2.0 class.
  • Staff from Carver County Library explored a variety of the Scenarios developed by MNLFI in preparation for a strategic planning discussion.
  • Staff from the MnDOT Library considered how they can foster partnerships to meet the reference needs of the future.
  • See more on the Shared Visions page.

The Minnesota Library Futures Initiative was developed to spark conversation about the future of libraries in Minnesota. The MNLFI Steering Committee selected 24 participants from all types of libraries through an open application process. The MNLFI Futurists gathered to research and discuss factors likely to impact the future of libraries and possible ways libraries might respond to those opportunities and challenges. What we discovered is that being engaged in the conversation about the future is more empowering and energizing than reading about it and everyone has something to contribute.


MnDOT Library, Jan 24, 2013

MNLFI facilitated a consensus workshop for the nine library staff of the Minnesota Department of Transportation Library, MnDOT and the U of M Center for Transportation Studies. The workshop focused on ways that libraries are becoming more and more interconnected with partnerships between libraries and non-library organizations as well as how reference services are becoming more sophisticated. MNLFI facilitators led staff in a conversation based on the question, “How can MnDOT foster partnerships/relationships to take full advantage of the changing needs of reference services as well as physical and digital resources?”  The MnDOT Library recently won the American Library Association’s (ALA) 2012 John Cotton Dana Library Public Relations Award for its “moving knowledge” campaign to promote its redesigned space, updated resources, and increased outreach efforts. The facilitated workshop encouraged staff to keep up the momentum of improvement and forward-thinking.

Positive feedback from participants:

“Thank you again for facilitating the workshop at MnDOT Library on Friday. We really appreciate your time and preparation. It’s good that the MN Library Futurists are helping staffs to have conversations and think ahead.”

“Thank you and Dillon so much for coming to MnDOT and working with us. Your presentation was very informative, engaging and helpful.  I was so engaged that the three hours went by faster than I realized.”

St. Catherine University MLIS Program 2012 Summit – April 30, 2012
Apr 30 2012

MNLFI presented a keynote at the 2012 St. Catherine University MLIS Program Summit.  Panelists discussed the formation, challenges and goals of the Minnesota Library Futures Initiative.


The summit also included brief presentations from:

Greta Bahnemann & Jennifer Torkelson on the Minnesota Digital Library (University of Minnesota)

Robin Dowden on New Media Initiatives (Walker Art Center)

Joyce Yukawa of the MLIS Program, (St. Catherine University)

Doug Monson, 3M Cloud Representative.



Library Technology Conference, Mar. 17, 2012
May 03 2012

The Minnesota Library Futures Initiative held their first consensus workshop on March 17, 2012 during the Library Technology Conference at Macalester College.  The session began with an overview of MNLFI and took a look at future MN demographics.  Attendees participated in a focused discussion and consensus workshop on the future impact of technology and libraries.

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