Dakota County Library
Nov 28 2012

MNLFI facilitated a consensus workshop for the 40 members of the Dakota County Library Managers/Supervisors group.  A presentation focused on ways that library services are changing – both in terms of public expectations and the ways technology opens access and support possibilities. MNLFI facilitators led staff in a conversation based on the question, “How do we build a broader DCL environment that ensures that the people we hire and supervise are prepared for these changes?”  Enthusiasm built as staff gathered insight on how to prepare staff for changing library services and expectations.



Positive feedback from participants:

“Thanks so much for facilitating the MN Futures presentation yesterday.  You did a great job with all aspects of the program.  I heard several positive comments from the group (and they are a tough audience).  Your professionalism and skills were very evident.”


“I was scared when we first started, but in the end it was one of the best meetings I’ve been to in a long time”