Anoka County Library
May 15 2012

MNLFI facilitated a two-hour workshop for the 100-strong Anoka County Library staff at their annual Staff Day training event. ¬†Part of a day which included a presentation about communication between generations and an outline of the library’s goals for the coming year, MNLFI facilitators led staff in a conversation based on the question, “What might the library user of 2025 experience when they “visit” the library?” ¬†Enthusiasm built as staff imagined possible futures together and considered how seemingly different ideas converged into meaningful themes.

Positive feedback from participants:

“We are all concerned about the future of libraries and it was particularly gratifying to see that the library world is endeavoring to see themselves as part of our future society, rather than let the world changes dictate to them.”


“It was fun and really stretched our thinking. I loved it when ideas were proposed that seemed like total opposites, but, through discussion, both ideas ended up coexisting harmoniously in our vision of the future library.”


“I thought 2 hours was too much time. It turns out that we could have discussed this for twice that long.”