Fergus Falls Public Library, June 21, 2012
May 31 2012

Four Futurists presented at two separate community events in Fergus Falls on June 21st. Currently, the Fergus Falls Public Library is undergoing a “Library Renewal Project” and the Futurists were invited by the Fergus Falls Public Library Director (and former MNLFI-participant), Erin Smith, and her Task Force members to present and lead two focused conversations with the Fergus Falls community regarding the future of libraries.
The two (identical) sessions were well attended by community members and it was great to see so many people interested and engaged in conversations about the future of their community library. Conversation flowed smoothly and Erin Smith and her Task Force members indicated they were happy with how the sessions turned out.
Here is an article from the Fergus Falls Daily Journal that ran about the sessions.